Electronic Art Ensemble


EAE, the premiere all electronic synth noise band from the 80s, is now EAEv2. They perform with modular synths (EuroRack and Buchla), computer processing, iPads, guitars, electro-acoustic instruments and more. EAEv2 explores the sonic stratosphere of the electronic music scene.

Uniting original EAE electronic artists, Steve Horelick, and Clive Smith, along with eurorack modular synth noise performer, Chris Donofrio, EAE is now taking a higher altitude look at some of their classic tracks along with some technology driven, new compositions.

“They are virtuoso sonic sculptures: their music is an emphatic affirmation of the value of the electronic music medium.” – Robert Moog

“The group’s virtuoso performances were consistently tasteful, imaginative and skillfully integrated.” – The New York Times

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